Animal Tracking and Control

Human Wildlife Solutions approached Donix to provide an electronic solution for managing baboons in the Western Cape area of South Africa. The solution involves the creation of a virtual fence which is designed to act like a territorial boundary in the mind of a targeted troop.

The primary aim of a virtual fence is to create a “Landscape of Fear” in the mind of an intruder.

This is achieved by simulating the presence of natural predators, territorial competitors or providing, unpleasant or frightening stimuli in the form of Bio-Mimicry and Pyrotechnics.

The system requires that the intruder be tracked and recognized as it approaches the predetermined virtual fence line. This is achieved by fitting a GPS collar to the alpha male of the troop. The collar allows the management team to monitor the troops whereabouts. Interconnected network of relay stations create a mesh coverage over mountainous terrain with a 10 minute interval and a 5 year battery life. The interval of position notification increases automatically as the troop approaches the fence. Over the Air updates can be made to the collar which reduces the human interference with the animals. Management can be alerted by sms when an approach is imminent.

The virtual fence can be set to respond automatically or manually when activated by the presence of the troop.

If you would like to learn more about the projects managed by Human Wildlife Solutions, visit their website: Human Wildlife Solutions.

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Animal Tracking System

Animal tracking collars are used to track the movements of specific animals, allowing for the collection of data pertaining to the animals moving patterns, as well as other valuable sensor data.

gps animal tracking collar
Tracking Collar
gps Baboon tracking collar
Collar fitted to a Baboon
wildlife solar powered wireless gateway
Wireless Gateway

Virtual Fence Action Station

The Virtual Fence is set up to create a boundary that triggers audio events like loud bangs or predator sounds whenever an animal breaches the fence, effectively keeping the animals out of that area.

wildlife solar powered wireless signal relay
Camouflaged Telemetry Relay Unit