Wireless Telemetry for Farming

Precision agriculture aims to provide for the better understanding, planning and management of crop cultivation. It achieves this by employing the use of in-situ and remotely positioned sensors to collate a wide variety of pertinent physical data.

Precision Agriculture optimizes returns on inputs and preserves resources through Monitoring and Control Solutions.

Donix has provided solutions to various clients in this field, in the form of sub-terrestrial moisture and soil pH probes, RF relays, gateways, stand alone units, weather station units and data transmission services.

Precision agriculture also provides farmers with a wealth of information to:

  • Build up a record of their farm
  • Improve decision-making
  • Foster greater traceability
  • Enhance marketing of farm products
  • Improve lease arrangements and relationship with landlords
  • Enhance the inherent quality of farm products (e.g. protein level in bread-flour wheat)
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    Telemetry & Sensor Data Collection Devices

    Our range of Wireless Telemetry devices provide for the collection of sensor data and sending the data to a remote server, from which it can be obtained via the internet.

    Wireless solar powered Gateway and signal relay
    Gateway and Relays
    wireless solar powered Stand alone telemetry unit
    Stand-Alone Telemetry
    wireless solar powered soil moisture telemetry nodes
    Soil Moisture Telemetry Nodes

    Weather Monitoring System

    wireless solar powered weather station
    Weather Station
    wireless solar powered weather station controller
    Weather Station Telemetry Unit

    Automation Control

    Our system is able to perform bi-directional communications to devices, meaning our automation units can be remotely configured and updated to perform functions requiring automatic activation, without human intervention.

    wireless solar powered automated valve controller
    Automated Valve Controller