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A multinational telecommunications client approached Donix to create a locking system for their manhole covers.They were experiencing difficulty managing access to-, and the security of their underground wiring infrastructure. The manholes needed to be kept securely locked and tamper proof. At the same time access management was a requirement.

The solution we came up with is a Wireless Electronic Locking System.

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Wireless Electronic Locking System

The solution employs wireless power transfer through a keyhole-less nonferrous manhole cover. The wireless electronic smart key provides all the power required to open and lock the manhole – no other electricity supply is required. GSM communications between a central management center and the smart key provides full management control of the access to the manhole.

smart wireless industrial manhole lock
Patented Smart Manhole Lock
Smart electronic key industrial lock
Smart Electronic Key - marketing render
smart industrial manhole lock
The final product