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Smart solutions for the Commercial and Retail service environment.

We are able to create solutions for Commercial and Retail services that can improve the efficient flow of business and implement cost saving measures through Smart Sensing devices.

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Retail Vending

The client needed a tobacco vending solution that was very different compared to anything else in the market to date. Donix was involved in the conceptual design, all the way through to final production. • The system acts a secure system for the retail store tobacco category • It holds up to 4000 packs of tobacco. • It has a complete web online facility to track both the tobacco category and any other product which the point sale terminal processes. • Connects seamlessly to point of sale systems without the need to do any software changes. • The system is bio metrically accessed.

retail vending machines design stage
Development phase of the system
retail vending machines
Vault tobacco vending solution

Energy Sensors

A Multinational retailer required a system to monitor the management and electricity usage of each remotely located store. Donix provided non invasive electricity usage sensors which could be easily installed and transmit the information wirelessly to a central data monitoring control center. The Donix Mesh Energy Sensor can be attached to any 50 hertz power line and provide information about usage down to a minute-by-minute basis. Power consumers can use this information as a management tool to reduce monthly electricity bills and to better understand usage patterns. Up to 20 sensors can talk through one GSM Gateway Modem. The data is accessible via the Guardian Manager software and can be sent directly to any server via TCP.

energy sensor
Energy Sensor